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Thursday, November 12, 2015


I've been gravitating towards anything with beads and bling on it recently. Then I found this top with beads and BIRDS on it. Well, birds that happen to resemble a platypus or an octopus, we're not really sure. I automatically feel ten times fancier with this top on and since I'm terrible at accessorizing, I need all the fancy I can get.
  At lunch a few weeks ago my husband says to me, "You know what I'm really attracted to?" I was curious and intrigued to hear what he was about to say. And then this...."Older ladies that wear a lot of accessories."  I wasn't sure where this was going, mainly because I don't fit into either one of these categories. Some husbands like to make subtle suggestions to their wives. Nope, not mine. He tells me what kind of old women he likes and expects me to figure it out. Time to amp up my accessory game I guess.
Outfit Details:
  Top: Anthropologie (on sale now!)
Jeans : Gap
Boots: Similar