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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Don't you love it when you have stylish friends that buy something that they don't exactly love on themself, but because you have no rear end, you can wear it?! I think this is the one time that not having a butt was in my favor. My always adorable friend LB bought this jumpsuit at Target, in the children's section y'all, she's genius! Then she was so kind to let me try it on and I fell in love with it! After realizing I can fit into a children's XL, I took it a little too far and went to Target the next day to try on all the cute girls clothes I could find. Let's just say nothing worked out like this jumpsuit, and all of the Target employees think I'm a crazy lunatic.
Outfit Details:
   Jumpsuit: Target 
Sandals: Old Navy (not online)
Bag: Target