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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

sunny vibes

Wowers. This is the first time my legs have seen the light of day in a long, long, long time. At least they're shaved, that's a W in my book. Well, winter does have one good quality- if you forget to shave your legs when it's below 30 degrees, so what. Now that it's getting warmer we actually have to tend to ourselves ladies... (Don't forget to wear sunscreen) Did I do a good job at sneaking that in? I care about your skin-okay. More sunny days are upon us friends and this girl is excited!
 Confessions: Guys, I've been trying, even more so then usual, to only purchase items that I absolutely love and that fit into my closet. So there's going to be some older items and some repeating. I hope that's okay. Because let's be honest, I outfit repeat like crazy and sometimes shopping your own closet and wearing things you already have is fun! I encourage you to do the same. Kisses and hugs.
Outfit Details:
          Dress: Similar (and in love!)
Vest: F21, Similar
Necklace: Similar
Booties: fab'rik, Similar (sale)
Sunnies: RayBan
Bag: Madewell


  1. Pretty look, I love your vest

  2. Love that statement necklace!

    - Liz
    Check out my latest post: http://www.lizlizo.com/fashion/swinging-asymmetrical-hemline/


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