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Thursday, January 22, 2015

grey days

There have been more gloomy days, then sunny days here lately for us. I unintentionally seem to dress with the weather. Just like our mood tends to lean towards whatever the weather's doing outside, my closet does the same. I've been trying to work color into my wardrobe more, but I always go back to what I love most. Neutrals. I'm especially loving this grey/blue combination. I think I'm in love. I'm not going to wish away these cold, gloomy days just yet, as much as I want spring to be here, I match better with this weather.  

Outfit Details:
Top: Lou and Grey via LOFT
Blazer: F21
Necklace: Similar
Shoes: Old Navy (on sale!)
Bag: Madewell

See, gloomy days make you sleepy. You can thank my husband for this yawning photo. Also, why don't yawns look cute?



  1. I love allllll of this (imagine I'm gesturing up and down sassily). On another note, what kind of camera and lens do you use, and do you ever take the photos yourself with a tripod? I'm looking to upgrade to a DSLR and I'm hoping for one without a steep learning curve. Thanks!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much! We use a Canon 70D, it takes great video footage and photos and we really needed a camera that could do both well! For all my blog photos we use a 50mm lens, we love it, but soon we're going to invest in a different one as well. Not sure which yet. We aren't professional photographers by no means, my husband takes all my photos, and I love the way he does it. We are always striving to learn more and try new things..sometimes they work, many times it doesn't. I don't think I could ever use a tripod, that could be a disaster for me, I'm not that talented. ;) good luck!!

  2. I love the subtle polka dots on the pants

  3. At first I thought, I need that jacket, but then I realized I loved the pants and by the end of the post I just wanted the whole outfit....haha.