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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

stick to what you know

I know I haven't posted an outfit in a few days. But we went to North Carolina over the Thanksgiving weekend and when you're eating and sitting all day really the only option is to wear something stretchy and familiar. Hence, this outfit. Before taking these photos I thought that I had probably worn some version of this outfit on the blog before, but then I was like, so what. This is me you guys. This is me when I'm traveling and cold and just want to look acceptable while still staying warm. I'm really loving this light blue and olive green color combo, however. By the way, isn't North Carolina stunning? I saw so many places that would've been perfect for photos. Also, double check my spelling, the "h" in any given word may be missing. For some reason my keyboard is boycotting using the letter "h" unless I hit it just right, which is only 50% of the time. Typing this post is taking exponentially longer than I expected. Thanks, H.
Outfit Details:
   Shirt: Similar
Jacket: Old Navy, Similar
Jeans: 7FAM
Boots: Similar
Scarf: Old Navy
Bag:  Lulu's 

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