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Thursday, November 20, 2014

mad about plaid

Now, this shirt is true menswear. I got it a few years ago at Forever21's men section and it's been my go to plaid ever since. So, you'll probably see me wearing this every other day. The lesson for today is never disregard the men's section, ladies, or any other shop really. If you're determined you can find something you like and that works with your personal style anywhere. Have you noticed that plaid seems to be a trend every year and I'm not really sure when it won't be and for that I am glad. Therefore, I'm advising you to go out and stock up on all the plaids you can! You will never, ever regret it. While your at it, pick up this vest too.
Outfit Details:
   Shirt: Similar
Vest: Old Navy
Jeans: 7FAM
Booties: Similar
Bag:  Lulu's

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