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Monday, November 17, 2014

cold front

Ya'll it's cold, and it's only November, and for the south, this means we better start preparing for a "harsh" winter. Let me also remind you that a harsh winter for us is probably a mild winter for many of you. You'll probably see me wearing this beanie everyday to keep my head warm, it also doubles as a way to tame my hair. Now when the wind blows, it just blows my hair sideways into my face, but my hair still looks decent. And if I were being honest, which I'm always honest on this blog, I didn't wash my hair today either so the hat conceals any greasiness that may by lying underneath.

Do you guys remember a few posts ago when I told you that I joined a running group? Well, when joining (and paying) for this group, apparently I forgot that it's about to be cold out. Today is running group night and if you see a girl with her eyes frosted over, joints frozen up trying to run in town, and a bright blinking light on her, just ignore her. She'll find her way back home. 
Outfit Details:
   Shirt: Similar
Jeans: 7FAM
Jacket: Old Navy, Similar
Boots: Sam Edelman
Hat: Target

Bag: Lulu's