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Friday, November 14, 2014

5 essentials of productivity

Life is sometimes hard to navigate, time hard to manage, and tasks difficult to prioritize. Although I'm not an expert, I've put together my "5 Essentials for Productivity," or at least these are the things that work for me.

1) Make a list- This is my number one piece of advice. I know, groundbreaking. But there are many people that don't make lists and if you don't, you'd be surprised how much it'll change your life. I even put things on my list like "paint nails." If I don't, I'll forget for sure. Making a list helps you to set goals and have a visual reminder to keep you on track. Plus, marking off items on your list feels crazy good. I usually make a list for each individual day or a big one for the week, depending on what I want to get done when. 

2) Be comfy and confident- Be comfortable is first and foremost. Wherever you're working whether it's at your home, in an office, a coffee shop, you have got to feel confident and comfortable in your work space. A big thing for me, is wearing something I feel great in. I can't get work done if my pants are too tight or I'm feeling insecure about a low cut top. If I'm at home, I'm usually in gym clothes and if I'm out somewhere I make sure whatever I'm wearing is one of my faves. You do you, and when you feel like yourself where you are and with what you're wearing, you'll be getting work done with super high efficiency. 

3) Get organized- Come on people, spend a day or a few hours and get your life together! This includes making a list, but this also includes organizing your finances, schedule, papers, closet, pantry-I mean, every single thing. It'll make your life flow easily and save you so much more time when you're in the middle of your day. For your finances, this means saving receipts, making folders, track your spending, if your an entrepreneur check out Kabbage, they are excellent at helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and they provide small business loans. Another great idea would be to invest in a planner, I love these from Erin Condren and also target has really great planners every year!

4) Find a routine- Get a routine and stick to it! Find a schedule or a cycle that works for you. This is key for managing your time well. Obviously, each day will look different for the most part, but having at least key essential daily tasks mapped out such as a wake up and morning routine, will really help your complete day. 

5) Remove distractions- Last but not least, get far away from distractions. For me, if I'm really trying to buckle down and get things accomplished, watching Netflix while doing it is never productive. So make sure you're in an environment that motivates and inspires you, whatever that may be.

Maybe this gave some of you a little boost to get things started and get things done. I hope so! With the holiday season and new year just around the corner, good time management and all of your essentials for productivity will certainly come in handy.

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