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Thursday, August 28, 2014

season to season staples

end of summer buys

So, does anyone else get completely lost between seasons? (raise of hands) I know I do! I even get confused during seasons when this southern weather starts losing its mind. This is when a versatile closet comes into play! Investing in transitional pieces will save you tons of headache! All of these pieces above are great examples of things to be on the lookout for year round and to add to your forever growing wardrobe! For example, boyfriend jeans (from Nordstrom) -they can be worn with heels and a loose tank for the warmer days or if it's cooler throw on some booties and a jacket over a striped top. Take the plaid top above (from One Stop Plus), and pair it with shorts for the summer or black jeans and a vest for the fall! We want options people. What are your favorite season to season pieces??

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