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Friday, August 29, 2014

casual friday

Every Friday is pretty much casual Friday for me, but I'm loving this casual look today. This is me trying to dress half for fall and half for summer. Is it working? Regardless, let me tell you a little bit about this shirt. I stalked it online for a long while. It even went on sale and I still didn't get it. Well, last weekend I went shopping with a friend and we happen to walk in LOFT. And there it was, on sale, waiting for me to come buy it. Ah, it was like the universe aligned this! I'm not sure if it's that serious, but it sure did feel like a huge win in my book. I just couldn't wait to wear it. By the way, "marled" or "flecked" tops and sweaters are in this season, in case you were curious. Happy weekend!
Outfit Details:
Shorts: UO, Similar
Shoes: fab'rik, Similar
Bag: Madewell

1 comment:

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