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Thursday, July 3, 2014

july goals

Can you believe it's already July? My June was amazing and I'm so grateful for that! I didn't get much running in, but I did travel to Italy, take lots of pictures, complete a 5k, and rescue a stray kitten.Sometimes life throws its own adventures for us to embark in. I just feel like time is literally flying by. I want it to slow down just a bit.I'm going to welcome July by making some fun summer goals!

Here are my July goals:

1. Go kayaking.

2.Be open to new possibilities.

3. Run 5 miles without stopping (I didn't quite make it in June).

4. Bake from scratch.

5. Take a weekend trip.

6. Attend a Braves game.

What things are you wanting to try and accomplish this month?


  1. Such a cute post! Sadly my husband and daughter always want my cupcakes so I bake from scratch far more often than I like, maybe that will be my goal do it less;). Definitely going to have to say the mile one too!

    xx Cara

  2. aw, those are good goals!


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