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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

guest post: katie mcgee

how would you describe your personal style?
feminine, simple, and vintage-inspired.

on any given day, what can we find you wearing?
you will more than likely find me in a dress or skirt. i’m pretty sure i have a few close friends who have never seen me in pants, but i’m okay with that! i love the simplicity of throwing on one object of clothing and some great earrings.
even when i’m sitting at home editing all day, i do try to look presentable, so comfortable cotton dresses are a must-have for me.

you dress your body so well, what things do you look for in pieces when shopping?
anything high-waisted, gathered, or falls at the natural waist! i stay away from intense patterns and try to keep things soft and flowy. 

what cuts, shapes, or colors do you avoid?
i try to stay away from shapeless dresses and anything with a high neckline. when a neckline is too high, it makes me feel more bulky. as far as colors go, i try to stay away from anything that makes me look even more pale ;)

you're an amazing photographer - what's your go to outfit for long days of shooting weddings?
thanks, friend! my goal on wedding days is to be comfortable while also feeling cute. i usually stick to a darker dress, minimal accessories, and comfortable flats. Reef provides flats that are cute and feel like fluffy clouds!

where are your favorite places to shop?
i shop mostly online at ASOS, ModClotheShakti...and Target. ASOS has incredible variety and is good with pricing. ModCloth can tend to be on the expensive side, but they often have a dress or shirt that i dare not live without! the lovely thing about eShakti is that it does custom sizing for all body types AND the clothes are cute. shopping as a plus size girl in her 20s can be very discouraging, but knowing what works for your body and knowing where to find it can save you from a ton of frustration!

biggest issue you come across being a tall, curvy girl?
everything is so short! i am blessed with a seamstress mother who alters many things and makes skirts for me! i have been known to break out the scissors immediately after trying on a new clothing item. almost everything i buy is altered in some way, so i am grateful for someone who knows what they’re doing (and can fix my cutting mistakes)! ;)

what's one piece of style advice you would give women with curves and/or height?
i think this can apply to women of any size, but be mindful that what you wear can completely reflect how you feel about yourself! if you don’t feel confident in it, don’t wear it! for me, t-shirts and sweats are for the gym or a rainy day full of errands. there is something empowering about a well put together outfit, even if it’s very simple :)