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Friday, May 16, 2014


Whenever I purchase new pieces for my wardrobe there's always this sense of newness that I want to preserve for as long as I can. I keep the tag on everything until I wear it; I know, it's weird. But with tag attached, it's almost like I don't want to wear it until an "important event." Most times, that important event really never comes. My mind super plays tricks on me! It's really just the fact that it looks pretty in the closet and I know once I wear it there's opportunities to stain it (this is most likely) or ruin it. I could take this analogy to a deeper level and apply it to our lives....but I'll spare you and save that life lesson for another time.;)

All that to say, I was going to try and save these items for our trip coming up, but it just didn't happen. This is huge for me. Clothes are meant to be worn, a lot! So wear them I say, wear them! Also, please take notice of my old lady "wedges." I could wear them to bed...I won't-but I could. However, I will be sporting them most days this summer though, that's a guarantee!

Outfit Details:
Dress: F21 (not online) Similar
Vest: F21
Shoes: JC Penny
Necklace: F21
Bag: Madewell


  1. I love your crochet vest. Those are my go to piece in the summer when I want to add something fun to a sun dress or tank top. Very inspired by your look. Now following you on Facebook <3

    Colour Me Classic

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