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Friday, May 9, 2014

friday five: mom

In honor of mother's day Sunday, I thought I would give five reasons why I love my mom. Even though I can think of way more reasons, this is the Friday five, not the Friday fifty ;) We all have moms, right. Some of us may have never have met our moms, or maybe she isn't around anymore. Maybe some of us have someone that's a motherly figure, and is just like a mom to you. But we all know the importance and the role that moms play. I don't take it lightly that I have an amazing mom. I hope that one day, I'm at least half the mom she is!

1. She's always there- This is cliche, but it's so true for me. My mom (and my dad too) have always been right there with me! They were at every volleyball, basketball, and softball game, and one spelling bee that I was in ;) True story, in elementary school, my class was having a Valentine's Day party and I was afraid I wouldn't get any valentine's from the other kids, so I asked my mom to come to the party too, "Just in case." Well, luckily, I got valentine's and chatted with friends the whole party, but my mom was there and that's all I needed!

2. She's pretty stylish- I got my love for style and shopping from my mom, without a doubt. She always has looked so put together and stylish. My mom always has been and always will be my favorite shopping buddy. We both can be pretty hardcore shoppers, I mean, one time we got in the back of a white van for a handbag, maybe not the best idea at the time, but it sure was fun!

3. She's encouraging and loving- My mom has always been a big encouragement to me! She's my biggest cheerleader and always has honest, but positive words of encouragement and advice for me. No matter what stage of life I'm in. I have always known that my mom loves me, everyday, and for that I am forever thankful to her!

4. She makes everything special- Both my parents have always made it a point to make everything special for us, I mean everything single thing. This is one thing that I am for sure going to be intentional about with my kids because it was something that my parents did that really stood out. Every holiday was a big deal at our house and it was so much fun! My mom made me costumes for spirit days and Halloween and every Valentine's day I would wake up to balloons, candy, and gifts. Christmas was the biggest deal, as it should be! We remembered the real reason for Christmas, but my parents always took it a step further. My mom always took so much time decorating our home and our rooms to make it feel happy and festive! We always had exciting gifts even though I know they probably couldn't afford some of them at the time or they didn't want some of them, mainly all the pets  I asked for ;) Birthdays were the most fun ever at our house too! I loved how much effort and time my mom put into everything to make it special for us, including all the amazing road trips and family vacations we took!

5. She's determined and adventurous- My mom is the most organized and determined person I know! She graduated college in her 40's, is willing to try anything once, and loves to go on new adventures! She has a plan (and sometimes doesn't) and she goes after things with her whole heart! She's content and lives in the moment, something I need to do more of! I love my mom for her go-getter attitude and free spirit.

There's so many more things I could put, these are just a few that jumped out at me right away! What do you love about your mom this Mother's Day and always??

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