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Friday, May 2, 2014

friday five: blazers



Friday five is a new post series that comes out....you guessed it, every Friday! It pretty much highlights a random FIVE things that I think you need to know, need to see, or that I just want to share with you. I'm excited about this and have some awesome things ahead!

Today's post is all about blazers. Blazers are great in the spring when there's a little chill in the air, but just not cold enough for a jacket. They also can make any outfit look a little more put together and they're the essential piece for spring layering. Here are a FIVE things to consider when buying a blazer:

1. Length- For me the length of my blazer is just a personal preference. Because I have a long upper body, I always want my tops, jackets, blazers, to be long as well. It's just a mind thing for me. However, longer blazers can also have the tendency of given off a loose, relaxed, boyfriend style. A cropped or shorter blazer tends to stay more business appropriate. The length you chose all depends on where you want to wear the blazer most and what length you're most comfortable in, in my opinion. If your shorter or have curves, I would shy away from anything way too long. You don't want it to look like a dress or try to cover your curves, you want to show those off! Plus, trying to hide your curves, usually makes them more noticeable anyways.

2. Collar- Because I'm long and tend to like my blazers longer, I want to avoid looking like one big ole' lanky, praying mantis, so I always lean towards a blazer with a collar, drape, or something going on up top. This breaks up and adds visual interest to all the long lines. If your shorter, or just don't care, you can get away with a blazer without a collar or anything extra. You might enjoy the extra length it can add visually.

3. Buttons- This one is pretty simple and really just a matter of preference. For instance, I never button any cardigans or blazers, so I prefer to find some without buttons. That way, I'm not feeling awkward all day for not buttoning up buttons that are there (I know, I'm strange). But I know it would bother me. These are the things you have to learn about yourself. If you're looking for business attire, go for buttons, for sure. Buttons are up to you!

4. Color- Every woman needs that basic go to black blazer, no matter the style, because there's always a time and place to wear it! After that, branch out! I'm preaching to myself right now! Blazers in different colors will give you more options for styling and interesting color combinations. Plus, we don't want to be boring and just keep wearing neutrals. I'm on the hunt for my perfect, mint or pink blazer.

5. Pattern- Now we're talking. A floral or striped blazer can do wonders for an outfit. Patterns give you even more versatility for creating outfits. Just imagine it, you got this amazing outfit put together and then you realize it's a little chilly out tonight and a floral blazer would have been the perfect addition to finish the outfit off, if only you had one. I'm also on the hunt for my perfect floral blazer too. Great finds take time.

Make sure to check out some of my favorite blazers, above!

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