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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last time I made a post about life and all its struggles, I got an abundance of messages and texts from many of you guys about how you have been or are currently having the same frustrations. It was incredible, for many reasons. This blog has taken on a whole new meaning to me since then, and also a whole new set of fears and struggles to overcome, which is a good thing you guys. Knowing that someone else could, for even a moment, feel like they weren't alone or were given some kind of hope, gave me hope and more passion for the hurting world.

If I haven't said it before, I want to say it again, clothing, style, and looking good isn't the main reason for this blog. It never was. I just realized this myself a few months ago, thanks to all of you. Sure, it's important to look and feel great on the outside, it's important to dress and learn how to dress your body type well, the way you look on the outside most definitely affects how you feel about yourself, which is of great importance. I stand by all of these things and believe they're crucial to ourselves, especially as a woman.

The main reason for this blog is for me to share with you, empathize with you, encourage you, give you strength and something to look forward to, give you inspiration, give you perspective, give you whatever it is you need that day. As I've talked about before, I'm still finding my "place in this world." Cue Michael W. Smith now, as my husband has no problem doing on a daily basis. But I do feel a little closer. I recently finished reading the book, "Free Fall to Fly" by Rebekah Lyons, you all must get your hands on a copy. It's an amazing book and it talks a lot about this! It really helped me to identify my burdens in life and how to connect with them, along with many other things!

Anyways, all this to say, since the last time I've posted not much has changed job wise or life wise, but heart wise, it definitely has. I think that's all part of the journey that we're on. None of us have it all together, not a single one of us goes without struggles or questions, but we do have each other and that's something we can all offer, no matter our circumstances, jobs, marital status, etc. Lean on each other, take someone's hand, pick them up, offer an ear to listen, because we can all understand that, right?

Happy Sunday!
Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie (not online)
Pants: American Eagle (old) Similar
Necklace: fab'rik (old)
Shoes: fab'rik (old)

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