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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 reasons to shop at forever 21

It's no secret that I like to shop at Forever 21 and today I wanted to share why! Many people have issues with Forever 21 and don't like to shop there for a variety of reasons, which I totally get. But here's why I love it!

1) Trendy items for less- I don't ever want to spend a lot of money on pieces that will only last me a season or two. If you look past all the crop tops and bedazzles you can find some really on trend items without breaking the bank. I've gotten some amazing colored jeans there, and spent the fraction of a price for something that I don't wear that often.

2) Price- So since I'm talking about money, I'll go ahead and make my next point. If your young, just starting out, on a budget, or whatever the case may be Forever 21 is a great place to shop, stay stylish, and still stay on budget. There's nothing wrong with that! Your going to find the same styles, prints, fabrics, and pieces at other places but pay more, so why not pay less!

3) Find quality pieces- You can really find nicer items at Forever 21. Feel the fabric and look at the tag, you should be able to tell the difference between which items will last longer then others. I love designer jeans and they are definitely worth every penny, but I have a pair of jeans from Forever 21 that I've had for 7 years and they are the best! They're my go to jeans, for sure!

4) Basics- It's also a great place to shop for basics. They're inexpensive, easy, and they always have a wide variety of basics to choose from. You should stock up!

5) The hunt- Another reason I love shopping at Forever 21 is the thrill of the hunt! With a little time and patience you can find some unique items! I love finding the last shirt of its kind and it's the perfect fit. It's a major victory for me!

So next time you see a Forever 21, don't write it off, you may come out with some amazing pieces that you'll have in your closet a long time!

Outfit Details:
Dress: F21 (not online)
Sweater: F21 (not online) Similar
Boots: F21 (old)
Leggings: F21
Necklace: fab'rik (old)

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