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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

   So just to let you know, this recipe isn't high on the healthy recipes list. But you have to allow some wiggle room. And when it's cold outside, sometimes all I want is a nice, big unhealthy bowl of soup! I make this broccoli and cheese soup at least every other week and Logan thinks it's better than Panera's. I'm not so sure about that, but I am sure that it's pretty much delicious! 

When I first started to explore with making this soup, things went bad y'all...real bad. It was probably back in October and I had worked late that night. But as a new wife, I was (and still am sometimes) determined to make my husband a yummy dinner. It was 10 o'clock at this point, just to clarify. But I wasn't going to NOT make dinner! So here I am, tired, so hungry myself that I want to rip open the bag of frozen broccoli and just start devouring them, like an animal. I'm following the directions step by step, from a different recipe, not this one, and it's just not working! Things are burning, and I had what's supposed to be broccoli and cheese soup spilling over into my entire kitchen! I had a melt down to say the least. At that point, I'm sure Logan was wondering, "Who is this crazy lady I married?" I straight up acted like a toddler, throwing down the spoon and running to the couch to cry, literally screaming, "I just want to eat!"

After I gathered myself together, which is kind of an over statement, there we sat. Spooning this liquid, grain-like substance of a mess that was supposed to be broccoli and cheese soup, the ultimate comfort food. After that night, I found this recipe below. With my husband on standby in case of  another soup meltdown, I made it successfully! No more shameful meltdowns...well, with this recipe at least.

I follow the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything, exactly, except I switch out chicken broth for vegetable broth and I mix mine with an immersion blender at the end, but you don't have to do this step. This is the easiest recipe I found and it takes no time to make! I seriously hope you all try it!


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