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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

blame the weather

I was SO ready for the cold weather a few months ago! I still appreciate it, but I find myself thinking of swimwear, days by the pool, vacation, tank tops, denim shorts, and sandals! Ah! But instead, we're under winter weather watches and bundling up, which I do enjoy wearing a big sweater and a knit scarf!

This brings me to my next story. I grabbed a Starbucks yesterday, fully expecting to relax and drink my coffee while I stroll through the grocery store picking up all of the items on my list for the week. Considering it was a Monday, early afternoon, I was under the impression that no one would be there, but me and maybe a few stay at home moms. Well it turns out, that when winter weather is approaching in Georgia everyone goes nuts! It felt like I was in a scene from a movie!

There were TWO grocery carts up for grabs when I walked in! My walk turned into a sprint! This was far from relaxing! Not only was I spilling my drink everywhere, but I was getting pushed and shoved and I had to abandon my cart just to get to the bread aisle! It was insane, that's the only way I know how to put it! They were already sold out of most things, I really felt for these grocery store employees! I even went to hide in the health food aisle for a moment, just to get away from the crowd! Because let's be honest, no one is rushing to the health food section at this point. I made it out alive and now that everyone is prepared for the storm, I'm not even sure anything is going to happen! This all made for an exciting Monday!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (old) Similar
Jacket: Tulle via fab'rik (not online)
Ring: Francesca's

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