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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I think long and hard when getting dressed every day. This morning I knew I was going to the grocery store after work, which is easily my most hated thing to do. Someone once told us that you know when couples are newlywed because they still go to the grocery store together. Part of that may be true, but part of me doesn't. If I go to the grocery store by myself my husband is calling me two hours later, in a panic, wondering if I'm doing okay. One time I looked for tortellini for 30 minutes-30 minutes! I even google, "Where to find tortellini in the grocery store?" I never found it and came home a hot, stressed mess-not even hot, just a mess. Even though we end of fighting about what kind of milk or peanut butter to get, double teaming the grocery store and loving my outfit always make the dreaded task more bearable. And if you were wondering- we buy our own separate milks.

Outfit Details:
Top: fab'rik (old) 
Pants: American Eagle (old) Similar
Boots: F21 (old) Similar

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