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Sunday, October 6, 2013


I use to measure success by the silly things like winning awards, being first, or always being the best. While all that stuff is great and commendable, success is more than that and I'm learning that lesson a whole lot more lately. We've been married 6 months=success, we made the commitment to start eating better=success, I made it in bed before midnight=always a success, I ran a mile without stopping (yes 1 mile, running is not my thing)=success, waking up every morning=success. These may seem trivial and small, but these are things we look over everyday and need to be reminded about. Success doesn't always mean that you make millions of dollars, moved up fast at your job, or that your famous. It's easy to forget that success is being a stay at home mom and doing it well, loving your spouse well, smiling at someone, or finding that true best friend. These are things that many people don't have and may never reach. Guys, I'm so motivational these days, what's gotten into me. Success today for the blog means not posting the same outfit twice, which I'm really not sure about this one. Where have you succeeded?

Outfit Details:
Top: fab'rik 
Skirt: fab'rik

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