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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Even though it's officially fall, the weather hasn't received the memo. I always have a hard time getting dressed every morning when my heart says it's fall, but my head reminds me it's 80 degrees outside. What do I do? Well, I'll tell you what I actually do! I stand in front of my closet feeling frustrated and throwing a fit, as my husband looks at me in disgust, with some major eye rolling. I feel like a two year old. What I really should do is suck it up and put something on. Let's just say I haven't mastered the art of picking an outfit out the night before, it's nearly impossible, but it would probably help my sanity and my being punctual in the morning! One day I'll wise up, but until then this is what you guys get. A little bit of fall, but still summer.

Outfit Details:
Top: F21
Shorts: Charlotte Russe (old)
Boots: Target (last year)
Necklace: fab'rik (in store)

1 comment:

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