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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

back in action

Y'all, I' m back in action! Some of you are probably excited and others of you were hoping that you wouldn't have to see me in another outfit. I've totally been absent from the blog and I give my sincere apologies. I've already been briefly questioned by my mom as to why I haven't made another post in awhile. Well, instead of me giving you this whole story about how my life is SO exciting and I'm just SO important and busy, I'll be honest. We went to my parents house for the fourth, I was working, everytime we wanted to take pictures it was raining cats and dogs (not really, or like I've said before, if cats were raining on me I'd be in heaven), and we had a TON of good friends come in town to spend time with us and friends always come before pictures, unless they want to be in them, which I'm totally fine with, they're all stylish and way cooler than me. So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. So here I am back in action! What things are you guys wanting to see on the blog from now on?

Outfit Details:
Dress: fab'rik (in stores now)
Shoes: Gap Outlet
Bag: Target (in stores)

1 comment:

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