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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

flash back

It was only a month or two ago that I was on the phone with my best friend while shopping, just talking about life and such. We were discussing how it appears as if "ripped" jeans are coming back in style.

Now let's flash back 10 years or so to middle school. Ripped jeans were the stuff back them ya'll! Except with everything we wore them with, we made them look worse! Looking at ripped jeans instantly gives me flash backs of awkward middle school events, my awkward body (possibly still exists), and we can't forget the braces I rocked for 5 years straight! So this is where my hesitation to wear distressed jeans stems from.

Then, I tried on these little gems...and back to middle school I went, except I went happily this time.

Outfit Details:
Top: Similar
Jeans:  DL1961 via fab'rik
Shoes:  Similar (these are so old they're nearly vintage)

1 comment:

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