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Sunday, March 3, 2013

utility dreams

I was flying this weekend to a work conference, and in the past while flying I've literally worn sweat pants and t-shirts and ya know, looked pretty nasty. Well, I decided this time was going to be different! I mean, why not look cute while flying! You risk the chance of seeing movie stars, famous actors, and well known singers while traveling...and I don't want to be in my sweats if that were to happen! Plus, I could look the other passengers in the eye and not feel like they were thinking, "Where's THAT girl going!" So, this is what I wore and I happened to LOVE it. I had been looking for a utility jacket for a LONG time...and I walked into Old Navy last weekend and a bright, heavenly light with an arrow pointing down that said, "JUST IN!" was shining down on this baby! I didn't even hesitate to buy it...but I hesitate every time I want to take it off...it's just that good! I could (and do) wear it everyday!!!
Outfit Details:
Jacket:  Old Navy
Pants:  American Eagle
Scarf: Gifted
Glasses: Bonlook

1 comment:

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