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Thursday, March 21, 2013

black attack

While cooking dinner at my fiance's house a few nights ago this is what he says, "I don't think I could eat breakfast for dinner every week." What he means is, "I know this is all you know how to cook, but please stop making me eat it." See, here's the deal. I LOVE breakfast foods, but for dinner. i have a theory that's only because that's the only time I have time to make it. I mean, do people really get up and make breakfast everyday? Props to all you out there! My point was proven today when I woke up 15 minutes before I had to leave. Sorry, no homemade pancakes or french toast today.... or anyday. So stands my theory as to why I always have breakfast food at night and why I wore all black today, because it's easy and takes no thought, unlike cooking. What's the secret to having breakfast in the morning?? How do all you super wives do it?? I need to know or my future children are going to eat fried bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese every night of their lives!

Outfit Details:
Pants: F21  (Similar)
Top:  JCrew (old) Similar
Blazer:  F21
Handbag: Melie Bianco via fab'rik

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