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Monday, February 4, 2013

saturday shower



These pictures look sad and gloomy in a way, but that's just the sky doing that...this was a fantastic day! I had my first wedding shower! I never thought I would actually be having one of these. We are so blessed and got LOTS of things that we needed and could use for the rest of our lives! I know that usually the bride is supposed to wear white to occasions such as these, but I wanted to be traditional with a little twist. Since this is all about LOVE and it so happens to be February, the month of love, I wore a white dress with little black hearts! I loved it! I also got this dress for $15 dollars and as I was picking it up to decide if I wanted to try it on or not, a lady actually told me that it would look better on her 14 year old daughter. Well, this made me want it more. I'm ok with looking 14 again, so it was an all around good buy. Be on the lookout for more hearts to come!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Marshall's,  Similar

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