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Friday, January 18, 2013

leather + plaid


So, I had a completely different outfit planned out in my head for today, then something unexpected happened. As I was wiggling into my opaque black tights this morning, I ripped a huge hole in them! They just don't make tights like they used to ladies, such a sad truth. So already running late (not unusual) and in panic mode, I grabbed these leather gems and said to myself, "Let's do this!" To even out my scandalous pants, I threw on a plaid button down that I snagged in the men's section at Forever 21! The men's section is the place to find shirts like this, fyi! My fiance was jealous that I got this for myself and not him...sorry I'm not sorry. On a side note, was anyone else not informed that men's shirts button the opposite way than women's?? Somehow I was left in the dark on this and now this shirt is officially the hardest shirt to put on, but I'm always up for a challenge!!

Outfit Details:
Top: F21
Leggings:  F21
Shoes:  F21 (old) Similar

1 comment:

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